OTVPS Detox Your Body Video Stack Example

This OTVPS page aims to demonstrate two things.
1. Stacking
First is the “stacking” of videos.  This can be useful where one has several videos to offer the viewer but navigation can become a bit awkward if they are shown separately on the page.
A viewer may become distracted by the cumbersome scrolling.
Or become frustrated at trying to recover where they were if, for whatever reason,  they were to lose their place on a page.
2. Private Label Rights
Second is the use of Private Label Rights (PLR) material.   In short PLR is a way that an author can license others to use his or her work.   The videos in the stack below are a case in point.
They were purchased from a 3rd party.  Under the terms of the PLR license included that they could be rebranded and added to web sites.
Videostacking can help enhance the first impressions a viewer forms.   I hope in this instance it has conveyed a sense of organisation and ease of navigation.