Mini Video Pages – One Size Can Fit All Mini Video Pages are designed “mobile first” but work on any web browser connected to the internet. Try viewing the Mini Video Page ( on (i) mobile device (phone or tablet) and (ii) PC/laptop. Mini Video Pages™ were created in the first part of 2020 as a new way of displaying video web pages. They were initially created by Chris Davis to use on his own web sites. Friends and colleagues persuaded him that there may be wider interest. How to market a completely new way of doing something has proved a challenge. This video aims make a difference to that. Facebook page = The domain name is registered to Chris Davis but is available for purchase via Translated titles: Mini Video Pages-Talla única para todos Mini Video Pages-Eine Größe passt für alle Mini Video Pages-Une taille peut convenir à tous Mini Video Pages-Jedna velikost je vhodná pro všechny Mini Video Pages-Eén maat past iedereen Mini Video Pages-Egy méret mindenre alkalmas Mini Video Pages-jeden rozmiar pasuje do wszystkich Mini Video Pages-O singură dimensiune se poate potrivi tuturor Mini Video Pages-En storlek kan passa alla

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